Quick Tips on Handling ACL Tears

a person holding his knee with a red marking indicating pain. Your knee ligaments play a crucial role in the function and stability of your knees. They help connect muscle to bone and help your knees to support your weight, allowing you to move. If you’ve injured a knee ligament, it can significantly affect your knee function, so it’s crucial to recognize the signs of a ligament tear. Also, if you’ve suffered a severe knee injury, it’s crucial to get the opinion of experienced professionals. Utah Orthopedics specializes in diagnosing and treating many joint injuries, including ligament tears. Here are a few signs of an ACL tear and how our office can help you.

Why is the ACL Important?

The ACL is a crucial ligament in the knee. It plays a significant part in stabilizing your knee and reducing excessive movements. ACL injuries are severe because they destabilize your knee, making walking difficult and painful.

How do ACL Injuries Happen?

Many ACL tears result from physical activities that involve quick twitch movements or rapid changes in direction. ACL tears are a common part of sports, which can include:

  • Soccer 
  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Football

Signs of A Torn ACL

There are a few signs you can look for that can mean you’ve torn your ACL. One of the first indications of a torn ACL is hearing a loud popping sound in your knee. In many cases, a popping sensation in the knee can result from making an awkward turn while planting your foot on the ground.

Another sign to look for is sudden, intense pain and swelling in your knee after hearing a popping noise. The pain and swelling of an ACL can make it difficult to continue your activities because it eliminates your ability to put weight on your leg or walk.

When to Seek Help

Some people would rather wait and try non-surgical methods to deal with ACL injuries. However, there are some cases where surgery is the only way to resolve the injury. Seeking professional help after a knee injury is crucial to receiving an accurate diagnosis and getting you on the road to recovery. Utah Orthopedics specializes in reconstructive ligament procedures designed to rebuild knee strength and restore stability to the area. The first step in finding out how we can assist your situation is to contact our Ogden office. Please call us today for your appointment at (801) 917-8000.

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