Hammertoes Self-Help Tips for Greater Comfort

hammertoes While professional hammertoes treatment yields the most permanent results, there are some ways you can find greater comfort at home, too. When the middle toe joint (proximal interphalangeal joint) becomes crooked, it can lead to pain and difficulty walking without proper care.

You may have a flexible hammertoe, which can still move at the joint, or a semi-rigid or rigid hammertoe that cannot move properly or at all. Trying to move the joint might cause you pain, and you may struggle to feel comfortable wearing shoes.

These self-care tips can help improve your comfort while allowing you to find the right hammertoes treatment for you.

How Do You Treat Hammertoes at Home?

Hammertoes do not go away on their own, and you cannot force the joint back into a straight position. Instead, you can try some hammertoes self-help tips like this to improve comfort and mobility as you consider professional corrective treatments.

  • Do hammertoe exercises — Expanding, curling, and gently flexing the toes can help lightly stretch the tendons and muscles. Your podiatrist can recommend personal exercises for hammertoes that may alleviate pain and improve flexibility.
  • Wear shoes with wide toe boxes — Ensure that your footwear is supportive and has a broad toe box to prevent curling and compression. You should also steer clear of high heels and flat shoes that can put additional strain on your flexor digitorum longus, a deep, thin muscle connected to the back of your tibia that affects the movement of your second through fifth toes.
  • Treat swelling with ice —Use an ice pack wrapped in a soft towel to treat swelling and reduce inflammation of your affected toe joints.
  • Seek treatment for calluses and corns — Many patients develop painful calluses and corns on their hammertoes because they rub against the top of their shoes. Using a pumice stone can help prevent skin buildup and more discomfort. You can also seek treatment from a professional podiatrist to manage your condition.

Correct Hammertoes With Utah Orthopaedics

Hammertoes cannot be straightened on their own, but you can get help from a licensed podiatrist. If non-surgical remedies do not help, you can discuss surgically realigning hammertoes and regaining your freedom and flexibility.

The experts at Utah Orthopaedics are here to help. Please schedule an appointment to discuss your hammertoe treatment options. You can reach our Ogden, UT, podiatry office by calling (801) 917-8000.

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